Attukadu Waterfalls

Attukadu Waterfalls

About Attukadu Waterfalls

         Situated between Munnar and Pallivasal, Attukadu Waterfalls is a charming spot frequented by tourists as well as locals. 

Set amidst undulating terrains and dense jungles, this waterfall can be reached through a narrow wooden bridge. 
The fall looks like a glittering silver line from a distance but as you come closer, you will see water cascading from 
a towering height. The beauty of the waterfall is at its best during the monsoon season. 
        Besides its natural splendour, the site is also ideal for trekking and hiking. If the water level is low, one can splash in the water pool formed at the 
bottom of this fall.
        A word of caution is that we highly recommend that during the post monsoon months beyond the permitted area no one should venture out or explore as it is extremely dangerous falls.

 Facilities available :

home made Food available for purchase Wash room available  Camera allowed  Wearing of shoes allowed Free parking available on the road side
Free Entry

Best time to visit: 8 am to 6 Pm
Important : Not allowed to enter the waterfall
Address: Attukad Waterfall Rd, Pallivasal, Kerala 685565
Contact Number: +919497039147 
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