Lockhart Tea Factory

Lockhart Tea Factory

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Open for Visiters & Tours-28/10/2019

             Museum is the hometown of various artifacts created in the terms of ancient cultural, historical, and artistic works. Lockhart Tea Museum is one such place which nurture their customers by providing historical voyage about the first plantations of Munnar which was started during 1879. The Factory here was constructed in 1936 that means before Independence Day. This living Museum gives a handful of knowledge about orthodox tea processing and the operations that go into the making of black tea, green tea, and white tea in traditional ways still. Lockhart Tea Museum contains various olden equipments used in the plantation like Shears, Mechanical Harvesting Machine, Drake and Fletcher Sprayer etc.
                      Our Lockhart Factory is another important section of our Museum, Our factory follows Orthdox Tea Manufacturing process. Tea is taking from a plant named Camellia Sinensis . The one important speciality of our Lockhart Factory is its building which is not constructed according to the latest civil construction. It is fully a wooden building constructed by following the old traditional methods.
                 Outside the Museum their present many medicinal plants, Nandyarvattam, Analivegam, Garlic etc. In front of our factory a beautiful lawn is maintained which improves the scenic beauty of Our Lockhart Tea Museum. Behind the Museum there we can see the Watch Tower also.

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Facilities available :
The most and tastiest section of our Lockhart Museum is our Lockhart kiosk, which provides their customers with different variety of Teas, Ice – creams , crispy crunchier delightful deep fried delicious foods are served by our trained Butlers.

Food available for purchase Wash room available (free) Camera not allowed  need Wearing of shoes covers Free parking available
Entry pass needed 


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Things to do in Lockhart Tea Factory

Lockhart Tea Museum Visit (For Industrial Visit students)

Start Time: 8 AM | End Time: 8 PM

80 100

Munnar Tea Factory Visit (For Indians)

Start Time: 9 AM | End Time: 5 PM

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Make Your Own Tea with Guide

Start Time: 8 AM | End Time: 4 PM

1950 2000

Nature Walk with Organic Tea Tasting

Start Time: 9 AM | End Time: 6PM

390 400

Munnar Heli Tour

Start Time: 10.30 am | End Time: 5.30 Pm


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