About Kolukkumalai

Kolukkumalai is the world’s highest elevation tea plantation at 7900 feet msl. Kolukkumalai is without argument one of the world’s most beautiful scenic destinations. Started in the early 1900s the estate produces tea using the orthodox method in the time tested tea factory. Little has changed here since the colonial planters left leaving behind their legacy of one of the best quality tea you can get in South India. [The higher the altitude, the better tasting tea + manufactured using a low productive but high quality tea manufacture processEach day hundreds of tourists ascend Kolukkumalai by jeeps to witness and experience nature’s ultimate fireworks of awe- the sunrise over mountain tops, the inhale of pure high altitude air, the rare experience of the antiquated orthodox manufacturing process of tea and the sheer scenic marvels of mountain tops- the paradise on heavens!

Entry Fee

Suryanelly Harrison  Estate per vehicle : Rs 2000 INR for Jeep ( Up to 8 members)

Kolukkumalai  Estate per person         : Rs 100 INR includes factory entry

(Harrison estate entry fee just for entry if we need to watch factory will get another packages , we can use their fresh rooms and tea shop)


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Things to do in Kolukkumalai

Kolukkumalai jeep safari

Start Time: 4 Am

2300 2500

Nature Walk with Organic Tea Tasting

Start Time: 9 AM | End Time: 6PM

390 400

Kolukkumalai Mountain Camping

Start Time: 2 pm | End Time: 11 am

1800 2000

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Camping at Kolukkumalai


Address: Kolukumalai tea factoty