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                   Natural Sandalwood Forests and Sugarcane Farms, whose molasses draw people in from across the world, are not really regular day to day sights anywhere in the world. This, however, is the case with Marayoor; a green hamlet located about 40 km from Munnar. Annually, people come here to immerse themselves in its exceptional sights that cannot be found anywhere else in Kerala. The beautiful Pambar River flows between the villages of Marayoor and Kanthalloor, and has a calming influence on all who visit its shores.

                    Muniyara, a prehistoric site inside the Marayoor Forest Range is where one sees scores of historians and anthropologists congregate. The 2000-year-old megalithic monuments, which were ancient burial grounds, have been researched for centuries. Also lying inside the forest range is the mysterious Ezhuthupara, where cave paintings not seen anywhere else across the State, have confounded all who view it. You can also go to the 'Sandalwood Regeneration Experimental Plot' and learn about this unique forest and the around 65,000 trees that reside here. You can take a leisurely stroll and learn about how sandalwood is processed. A visit here is not complete without tasting the special molasses or 'Marayoor sarkara'. Its 97 per cent sugar content makes it the highest quality product available in the State.

 Facilities available :

    Food available for purchase
    Bathroom facilities available
    Camera/Video allowed
    Wearing of shoes allowed


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