Kainagiri (Viripara) Waterfalls

Kainagiri (Viripara) Waterfalls

About Kainagiri (Viripara) Waterfalls

Viripara Waterfalls

The Viripara Waterfalls within the Kallar River is a very interesting spot many of the guests love to visit.This water fall is the best for bathing in Munnar. The waterfall is just 15 kilometers from Munnar town and is an ideal place to spend half a day. The waterfall is close to the Letchmi Estate Tea Plantations. The water cool here and most of the guests literally jump into water  The 4X4 Jeep climbs up the rocky formations making it a partial off roading experience. The best time to visit Viripara Waterfalls is during the monsoon, when the water overflows the check dam and people could walk around there.

Is it possible to bath in Viripara Waterfalls?

 Yes possible to bath in Viripara Waterfalls. Surrounded rocks are slightly slippery but hand drills and care takers are there.

How to reach in Viripara Waterfalls?

 Viripara Waterfalls is 15 km from Munnar on the way to Mankulam via Leksmi. And 23 km from Adimaly. Adimaly – kallar -Viripara rout is also accessible.

Entry Fee: Rs 20/-Per head for Waterfalls visit.
                 Rs 50/-per head for Visiting & bathing.

 Facilities available :

Food not available for purchase Wash room available  Camera allowed with pass  Wearing of shoes allowed Free parking available on the road side Need Entry ticket  

Best time to visit: 8 am to 4 Pm
Entry fee: Rs 20/-Per head for Waterfalls visit.
    Rs 50/-per head for Visiting & bathing
Address: Viripara Waterfalls, Kerala 685565
Contact Number: +918547601566
Email Id : mankulamnac2017@gmail.com 


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