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Echo Point in Munnar

Where is eco point located?

Echo Point is located at a distance of 20 km onthe way from Munnar to Topstation. It is a spot that is very popular among youngsters. Some of the popular activities in this destination among the panoramic views of the lush green hills and evergreen trees are trekking and nature walks. Munnar’s echo point lies on the banks of a beautiful river.

What is Echo Point in Munnar?

       The important characteristic of the echo point is that the visitors can hear their voice echoing through the reservoir and coming back reverberated. It is a favorite picnic spot for many travelers much because of its velvety slopes and misty surroundings. The surrounding tea plantations and spice gardens invite trekkers to explore the wonders of nature.
         Echo point is situated right in the top of quaint lake and misty hills covered with lush green trees. As the name suggests, this place is well known for the enthralling illustration of the phenomenon echoing. As you scream, it is fun to hear your voice reverberate around the attraction again and again.

Facilities                       ; 

  • Variety of shops like handicrafts,
  • Parking only on Road side 

Starting time                               ;     7 am

Closing time                                ;     6 pm              

How far from munnar                 ;     20 km

Entrance fee                                ;      Rs 30/- for adults & Rs 15/- for child


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