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Kollukkumalai, is the best tourist place near Munnar. Kollukkumalai is approx- 8000 ft high hills bordering the Idukki district in Kerala. Kollukkumalai is in Theni district of Tamil Naidu. However Kollukkumalai is around 32 km Munnar. Kollikkumalai is the best tourist place, a Nature’s Paradise Nature has blessedKollukkumali abundantly making Kollukkumalai, one of the best tourist places inIndia.
        The sprawling plantations and an old tea factory lend an old-world charm to this place. Go on a guided tour through the factory. The two-storied building, built in the 1930s with its wooden interiors and aroma, showcases time-tested methods of tea processing. Here, tea is processed in the traditional method, different from the more popular CTC (crush-tear-curl) method. Tea lovers can enjoy different varieties of tea from the tea tasting centre here. Those wanting to take home the flavour can buy fresh packets from the outlet attached to the factory. Varieties like Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) and Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP) are available, and the salesmen can offer tips on how to extract the different tastes.
Kolukkumalai Sunrise, One of the best Sunrise in south India, about 7,900 feet above sea level, offers excellent views of the distant plains in the bordering state of Tamil Nadu. The distant hills slipping in and out of the mist are a captivating sight. The rolling acres of tea are an experience in itself for visitors. Take a lovely stroll on the pathways in the plantations.
Kollukkumalai offers the best Sunrise view and the beast tea leaves of thehighest tea gardens. It is well known that the tea grown at higher altitudes is the tastiest and the most refreshing tea..

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More About Kolukkumalai

 -Tour Starting Point: Suryanelli :The journey to Kolukkumalai typically starts from the small town of Suryanelli, which is about 35 kilometers from Munnar, a well-known hill station.

-Off-Road Route :The route from Suryanelli to Kolukkumalai is an off-road trail. It is rugged and can be quite challenging, making it suitable only for off-road vehicles.

-Jeep Rides: Due to the rough terrain, jeeps are the preferred mode of transportation. Local jeep services are available and are experienced in navigating the difficult roads.

No other private vehicles are allowed without a pass.

-DTPC Pass To access the route, visitors need to obtain a pass from the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC). This is mandatory for ensuring controlled and safe travel.

-Parking Space Visitors who drive their own vehicles to Suryanelli can park their cars in designated parking spaces. From there, they can hire jeeps to continue the journey to Kolukkumalai.

Highlights of Kolukkumalai

-Tea Plantations: Visitors can tour the tea factory and learn about the traditional methods of tea processing. The tea estate is known for its organic and high-quality tea.

- Breathtaking Views: The vantage points offer spectacular views of the Western Ghats and the sprawling tea gardens.

- Trekking: The area offers excellent trekking opportunities. Treks can range from moderate to challenging, with paths meandering through lush greenery and steep hills.

- Sunrise View: Kolukkumalai is famous for its sunrise views. Many visitors start their journey early in the morning to witness the sunrise from the hilltop.

Travel Tips to Kolukkumalai

 Best Time to Visit Kolukkumalai
The ideal time to visit Kolukkumalai is from March to May and September to November, avoiding the heavy monsoon season.
Due to the high altitude, the weather can be quite chilly, especially in the early morning and evening. Warm clothing is recommended.
Booking in Advance:
It is advisable to book jeep rides  in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Kolukkumalai offers a unique blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural heritage, making it a must-visit destination for those traveling to Kerala.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the best tourist attractions of Kolukkumalai?

◆The Koddukkumalai has the best ever Sunrise view. Many people gather on the top of Kolukkumalai hills to witness this best sunrise. ; The trip from Munnar to Kolukkumalai on the rough roads before the sunrise is amazing . This journey ends on the top of the hill where the spectators will be greeted with a spectacular sunrise. As the sun peeps out of the misty clouds gliding the green hills of Kolukkumalai hills , the sky covers it in a beautiful saffron colour across the sky. Slowly the saffron colour changes to bright sunlight showing the beautiful greenery on all hills in the surrounding area . Thus the spectators are not only presented with a beautiful sunrise and beauty of the early morning but also with the freshness of the unpolluted environment

 The Tea Gardens of Kolukkumalai

After the beautiful sunrise, as we drive down Kolukkumalai to reach Munnar town. The tourist are greeted by lovelyTea gardens with dew drops glittering on the tea leaves. Kolukkumalai are home to the highest tea gardens known for its high quality tea It is well known that the tea grown at higher altitude are the best tea. The green spread of the tea gardens and the fresh air make tourists feel that they are in the lap of nature.

Kolukkumalai Tea Factory

The Kolukkumalai tea factory is another major tourist attraction as it is the tea factory which follows the traditional way of preparing tea leaves. The aroma ofthe tea leaves fill the air to freshen us along with the gifted nature. We also get to taste the best tea.

● Kolukkumalai, best tourist place for family vacation

Kolukkumalai provides the most beautiful scenic nature, perfect weatherand the calm environment lets you to enjoy the togetherness and joyfulness of your family.

➔ How to reach Kolukkumalai ?

◆ The closest International and domestic airport is the Cochin international and domestic airport

◆ Munnar in Idukki district is the best nearest town connected by road Koddukkumallai, the best tourist destination, is around 32 kms from Munnar town .


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Things to do in Kolukkumalai

Munnar Tea Trail with factory Experience Tour

Start Time: 9.30 - 9.45 AM

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Kolukkumalai Sunrise jeep safari

Start Time: 4 Am

3500 3800

Kolukkumalai Tent Camping

Start Time: 2 pm | End Time: 11 am

2800 3000

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