Anamudi Shola National Park

Anamudi Shola National Park

About Anamudi Shola National Park


        The Park is surrounded by Eravikulam National Park, Pambadum Shola National Park, Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, Mathikettan Shola National Park. It is supervised by Kerala Wildlife and Forest department and Munnar Wildlife Division, along with other National Parks and Sanctuary like Erevikulam National Park, Mathikettan Shola National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pambadum Shola National Park and the Kurinjimala Sanctuary……………
         Total area of the park is about 7.5 Km2. It was declared as a National Park in the year of 2003. The park provides safe and comfortable habitat to the wild species of flora and fauna. The rich wildlife includes Elephant, Tiger, Panther, Indian Bison, Nilgiri tahr, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Giant Grizzled Squirrel, Hanuman Langur, Sloth Bear, Flying Squirrels etc.
          National park is an area which is strictly reserved for the betterment of the wildlife & biodiversity, and where activities like developmental, forestry, poaching, hunting and grazing on cultivation are not permitted. Their boundaries are well marked and circumscribed.

Where is Anamudi Shola National Park situated?

The Anamudi shola National Park is located in the western Ghats. It lies just east of Eravikulam National parak. And Anamudi shola National Park consists of three Shola Reserve Forests namely Pannavan shola, Pullaradi shola and Indivara shola together occupying an area of 42068 Sq.Km. This forest patch is situated in Devikulam Taluk in Idukki District. 

Are the tourists are allowed in to the Anamudi Shola National Park?

Yes, tourists are allowed in the Anamudi Shola National Park, and Eco- tourism activities are available for tourist. All the Eco- tourism activities are organized jointly by the Forest Department and Eco- development Committees (EDCs) of the local tribal communities. The activities are designed to offer a wide spectrum of wideness opportunities to the visitors and to provide means of sustainable livelihood for local communities.


Which are the facilities / activities available in Anamudi Shola National Park?

1, Trekking to the shola forest.

2, Stay at log houses at Methappu.


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