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  The unspoken feel of beauty and serenity together meet at a forest locked village called Aanakulam.  This place of aesthetic value is nearly 40 km away from Munnar, the paradise of Gods’ own country.  Elephants dally here in large social groups in human inhabited areas, which is something unique about this scenic spot. Two tributaries of Periyaar, namely, Idacholayaar and Nallatanniyaar wets and nourishes this land. Accessibility depends on jeep service

Everyone can enjoy elephant herds within a distance of 50 meter.  The herd strength includes young calf and the mighty tuskers.  A nice walk through the forest and a cool bath in the Idacholayaar freshen one’s mind.
    This forest area is rich with its wildlife resources comprising of gaur, wild boar, peacock, deer etc. Generally they never descend from forest but could be easily traced on the way to Aanakulam.
Nature has gifted   Aanakulam with the Nallatanniyaar which same time wets and beautifies the place. Breathtakingly amazing waterfalls, streams and enjoyment in these waters refreshes all nature lovers. This land of beauty and simplicity welcomes all to its lap.
          Tapioca with fish curry is the favorite dish of an Aanakulam native.  Villagers live on selling pure honey collected from honey combs. Quality of honey one gets from here cannot be compared and at a much cheaper rate too.

Normally Elephants arrives after 4pm

 Facilities available :

    Food available for purchase
    Bathroom facilities available
    Camera/Video allowed
    Wearing of shoes allowed

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Things to do in Anakulam

SI No. Activities View Details
1. Anakulam Jeep tour
Opening Time: 9 am | Closing Time: 7
2200 2500
View Details
2. Anakkulam Wild Elephant Village Visit ( off road jeep tour )
Opening Time: 11 am | Closing Time: 9 pm
4500 5000
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Nearby accommodations in Anakulam

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1. Green Valley Vista
Address: Chithirapuram
Hotel Class: Deluxe
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Hotel Class: Home stay
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Things to do

Anakulam Jeep tour

Opening: 9 am | Closing: 7

2200 2500

Anakkulam Wild Elephant Village Visit ( off road jeep tour )

Opening: 11 am | Closing: 9 pm

4500 5000

Lockhart Tea Museum Visit (for industrial Visit students)

Opening: 8 AM | Closing: 8 PM

70 100

Where to Stay

17 C Camping

Address: Lockhart Tea Museum, Munnar
Hotel Class: Tent Camping

Ambady Estate Munnar

Address: 3rd mile , Pallivasal post Munnar
Hotel Class: Deluxe


Hotel Class: Home stay