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Vattavada Is a small village known as the best tourist place is around 44 kilometers from Munnar in Idukki district of Kerala. Vattavada is a tourist place away from commercialisation and a perfect stop for those travelers and tourists who would like to not only see the beaut of the place, but also get to experience the countryside life. Vattvada is known as the ‘Winter Vegetable Village “ Vegetables like carrot, peas, beetroot as well as the fruits like the strawberries, oranges etc grow here abundantly . Vattavada offers us a real countryside life away from all sorts of pollution and commercialization. Vattavada has also emerged as the place known for farm tourism .

 What are the major tourist attractions of Vattavada ?
The countryside lifestyle is the main attraction of Vattavada. As we travel from Munnar to Vattavada nature welcomes us to a perfect countryside which is now known only in the story books . As we reach Vattavada , we realize the beauty of living in harmony with nature far from the fast and noisy life of the cities . Vattavada greets us with the vast spread of fruit and vegetable farms and a pleasant climate. Thus our stay in Vattavada allows us to enjoy nature and the countryside life to our heart’s content. Farm tourism is another tourist attraction of Vattavada . Vattavada being the village of winter vegetables , farm tourism is developing here. Vattavada offers an opportunity to the tourists who visit here to see and understand fruit and vegetable farming in the most natural way. The tourist gets to walk through the blossomed strawberry shrubs laden with strawberries . They also get to taste these farm produce right from the farm . Other associated farm produce like strawberry jam ,  juices are available for sale.
Which is the best time to visit Vattavada ?
Vattavada experiences pleasant climate throughout the year so one may visit Vattavada any time of the year. . However if one has to witness Vattavada at its best in its lush greenery and natural beauty, the best time to visit Vattavada is from September to April.
How to reach Vattavada ?
The nearest airport is the Cochin International and domestic airport The nearest Railway station is the Aluva railway station. The best way to reach Vattavada is to reach Munnar, the famous tourist destination in Idukki district and then travel to Vattavada which is approx. 45 Km from Munnar by road . Munnar is well connected to all major towns by road.
What are the stay facilities available in Vattavada?
Vattavaada also offers homestay and stay facilities at the resorts for the tourists who visit Vattavada. The tourists visiting the Vattavada will enjoy the calmness of Vattavada village which is disturbed only by the chirping birds. Thus when we return from Vattavada , we are sure to bring to our home towns and cities the amazing experience of living in harmony with nature away from pollution . The visit to vattavada makes us understand that living in harmony with nature is the most joyful experience. 


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