Our Policies & Terms of Use

"Munnarinfo is Munnar tourism based "Trip Provider" ( Travel agency ) . Register under the laws of the Kerala Panjayath Raj act ( 1994/13) in Mankulam Panjayath, Lic No. Au-1932/18. "Platform" means the (mobile) website and app on which the Trip Service is made available owned, controlled, managed, maintained and/or hosted by Munnarinfo.in "Trip" means the various different travel products and services that can be ordered, acquired, purchased, bought, paid, rented, provided, reserved, combined or consummated by you from the Trip Provider.

"Trip Provider" means the professional provider of accommodation (e.g. hotel, motel, apartment, bed & breakfast), attractions (e.g. (theme) parks, museums, sightseeing tours), transportation provider (e.g. car rentals, cruises, rail, airport rides, coach tours, transfers), tour operators, travel insurances, and any other travel or related product or service as from time to time available for Trip Reservation on the Platform (whether B2B or B2C).

"Trip Service" means the online purchase, order, (facilitated) payment or reservation service as offered or enabled by Munnarinfo.in in respect of various products and services as from time to time made available by Trip Providers on the Platform.

  • "Munnarinfo.in is company that makes travelling easier for the client at the same time we promotes local activities.
  • We are only responsible for the tours which are booked by Munnarinfo.in
  • We are only managing the reservations for each activities (Trip Provider).
  • All reservation notifications are sending to registered email id.
  • After check inn, All responsibilities of the activities are by the activity firm / manager or owner (Trip Provider).
  • Cancellation policy as per the Activity Company (Trip Provider).
  • Payment will done by Munnarinfo.in after check inn of the Clint. If any change we will inform with registered email id.
  • Payment between offer and acceptance based on the special rate.

Scope and nature of our Service

Through the Platform, we provide an online platform through which Trip Providers – in their professional conduct of business (i.e. B2C or B2B) – can advertise, market, sell, promote and/or offer (as applicable) their products and service for order, purchase, reservation, hire, and through which relevant visitors of the Platform can discover, search, compare, and make an order, reservation, purchase or payment (i.e. the Trip Service). By using or utilizing the Trip Service (e.g. by making a Trip Reservation through the Trip Service), you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the Trip Provider with which you make a reservation or purchase a product or service (as applicable). From the point at which you make your Trip Reservation, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the Trip Provider, transmitting the relevant details of your Trip Reservation to the relevant Trip Provider(s) and sending you a confirmation email for and on behalf of the Trip Provider.

Prices, crossed-out rates and We Price Match

The prices as offered by the Trip Providers on our Platform are highly competitive. All prices for your Trip are displayed including VAT/sales tax and all other taxes (subject to change of such taxes) and fees, unless stated differently on our Platform or the confirmation email/ticket. Ticket prices are per person or group and subject to validity or expiration as indicated on the ticket, if applicable.

Privacy and cookies

Munnarinf.in respects your privacy.

Credit card or bank transfer

Online payment , Credit card & Bank transfer is possible for all reservations ( Consumers to Munnarinfo)

(Further) correspondence and communication

By completing a Trip Reservation, you agree to receive (i) an email which we may send you shortly prior to your arrival date, giving you information on your destination and providing you with certain information and offers relevant to your Trip (Reservation) and destination, (ii) an email after arrival to rate the (experience with your) Trip Provider and the Trip Service, and (iii) an email which we may send to you promptly after your stay inviting you to complete our guest review form. See our privacy and cookies policy for more information about how we may contact you.

Reservation Guarantee

Reservations secured via Munnarinfo are backed up by our Reservation Guarantee. If your confirmed reservation is not available or cannot be honored by the Trip Provider, immediately contact our 24/7 Customer Service at the contact number(s) listed in your confirmation email. Our Customer Support Specialists will seek alternative accommodation at a convenient and comparable property, for your approval.

Should you not approve any alternative accommodation, Munnarinfo will offer a full refund of the price paid for the original accommodation.

Cancellation Policy

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the cancellation policy, We does not charge a processing fee for cancellations

Any cancellations received after the cancellation due date specified in the confirmation email (including requests made within this period) are subject to a minimum of a 1 (ONE) night cancellation fee, unless you are notified otherwise in the confirmation email.

Failure to arrive at your Trip Provider will be treated as a late cancellation and will incur a minimum cancellation fee of one (1) night, or more, per room, unless otherwise specified in the confirmation email.

Any changes to your reservation must be made through Munnarinfo and not directly with the (Trip Provider). This applies to change of dates, extension of stay, early check out, delay of arrival or cancellation in full or in part. Any problems or questions on your reservation prior to arrival or during your stay at the hotel should be directed to our Customer Support Specialists. We must be notified of all cancellations within our normal office hours from 08:00-18:00 (GMT+7).

Refund Policy

To request a refund, please contact us at any of the following:

  • By telephone +91 9400143111
  • By e-mail via our info@munnarinfo.in
  • Munnarinfo is committed to providing you with a simple and efficient refund process. Please note that shortening your stay during the high season, periods of high occupancy, during trade fairs and conventions, or failure to cancel your reservation prior to the due date noted on your confirmation may result in a penalty charge being imposed by the (Trip Provider). If a penalty charge is incurred, this will be deducted from the amount refunded.
  • Your confirmation email will specify the exact cancellation due date which is the deadline you must cancel by in order to avoid any cancellation fee. Generally, the cancellation due date is 14 days prior to arrival at the hotel. The penalty charge is usually one-night stay, unless specified on the confirmation email.
  • Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the cancellation policy, cancellation requests submitted via any of the means above, prior to the due date noted on your confirmation, will normally be refunded 100% of the cost of their stay (Munnarinfo does not charge a processing fee for cancellations) within 10 days of receiving the request. Any cancellation request submitted after the due date noted on your confirmation will also be processed within 10 days, and any applicable penalty charge will be deducted from the amount refunded.
  • Shortened stays, in most cases, will be refunded within 10 days, net of any penalty charge applicable, and if you notify us (by any of the means above) prior to shortening your stay, we can expedite the refund process. If however, you notify us after checking out, some shortened stay refunds may take longer because some hotels can be slow to confirm the exact dates of your stay. If your refund is likely to take longer than 10 days to process, we will notify you via email upon receipt of your request.
    Please Note: Many Trip Provider will apply a penalty charge, often equal to one night's stay, to a shortened stay at late notice. Please check the hotel policies carefully.
  • Under certain circumstances, Munnarinfo may offer, and you may accept, an Munnarinfo Gift Card in place of a refund. In limited circumstances, refunds and/or compensation may exclusively be available by way of an Munnarinfo Gift Card only.