Adults: 4 | Children: 2
15000 18290


Room Details

Family Cottages having Common Living room and two bedrooms upper and lower level with 02 Separate bathrooms. The bedrooms open up to a balcony letting a glimpse of nature into the room.These stylish British Colonial Structure cottages are spread out in a valley with a beautiful view of the nature outside spread over many acres..

  • Up Stair Bed Room - 151 Sq ft
  • 02 Separate Bath Rooms - 33 Sq ft Each
  • Tea/Coffee maker with supplies
  • Hair Dryer
  • Dining Table/Chairs
  • Safe Locker
  • Living Area - 227 Sq ft
  • Down Stair Bed Room - 129 Sq ft
  • Television with Dish connection
  • Mini Bar
  • Bathroom Supplies

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